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HxH quiz thingy

I know, such an old fandom-- but I'm feeling a little nostalgic here.

~QUIZ~ [translation]

Here's my result--

Tell me what you guys got~ ♥
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Cold War  pair - my anti-drug.

SuFin @ CLAS:H

Whew, it was such a fun event! We got the chance to meet a lot of old friends and made some new ones. : ) Thank you everyone! Especially to my our too adorable Finland, ravient, our very pretty Hungary, kisame_widi and our super lovely China, Kagami. *hugs* ♥ Special thanks to aramaki_tokio who's willing to take photos of us. You guys are the best!!! *w*b

I didn't bring a camera-- the photos are all stored in ravient's and kisame_widi's cameras. So yeah, I can only show you guys our purikuras that we took straight after we left the event. 8D; I'll be sure to link once everyone has finished editing the photos though! ♥

EDIT: Ravie's share~ ♥

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Russia - kya~

di[e]ce photoshoot

Last Sunday, I went to Toki's house for a di[e]ce and 80S photoshoots. : ) Thanks hun for letting me stay for a couple of nights! T'was really fun~ <333 *chu*

We decided to split the editing, since it would be too much for one person alone to handle. So I offered to take di[e]ce and she took 80S. You can see them here!

seraphin_kaegan as Naruse Kazuki
shin_e as Koutake Haruki
Special thanks to Toki's friend, Vandy, for being our awesome photographer. m(_ _)m

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